Who we are

Papua Development Projects (PDP) was conceived to facilitate the delivery of technology, enterprise and training to communities living in remote areas of Indonesia (primarily the easternmost provinces of Papua and West Papua), just off Australia’s northern coastline. PDP is an Australian-based consultancy established to provide appropriate development solutions to communities living in remote locations in need of cheap, reliable power supplies and lighting, better and more accessible health and education facilities, as well as income generation strategies.

Papua Development Projects has evolved from work done in the 1990s by Australis Community Development Projects in promoting renewable energy in remote Indonesia. ACDP’s focus was the promotion of alternative energy such as micro-hydro electric power generation for remote areas of Indonesia (specifically Irian Jaya, known today as the provinces of Papua and West Papua) and East Timor. The Rainbow Power Company (RPC, or RESHAPE Pty Ltd) in northern NSW, and APACE (within the University of Technology, Sydney), partnered ACDP in the late 1990s to 2007. With over twenty years experience, RPC and APACE have been providing reliable sources of alternative energy to developing countries such as Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Ecuador.

Papua Development Projects has now expanded its partnerships with leading technology and service providers and can deliver significantly improved results for remote communities. PDP is currently working on a project to rehabilitate and equip educational facilities in Merauke, Papua, co-sponsored by Lions Club International and the Catholic Archdiocese, Merauke.



John Wing
John Wing has been involved in Papuan community development and environmental issues since 1991 and holds degrees in anthropology and education from the University of Sydney. Since 1997 John has promoted renewable energy in remote areas of Papua as a reliable source of lighting and power for schools, homes and clinics, or as a means of providing income generation for poor communities. He has developed a network of technical, educational and health professionals, necessary for the successful facilitation and management of projects and has established a trusted relationship with Papuan community, church and government leaders.


Stewart Craine
Stewart Craine is a founder of Barefoot Power Pty Ltd and is the regional manager for Asia and the Pacific. He has a background in civil and electrical engineering and has worked as a renewable energy specialist consultant for over 6 years. Stewart spent 3 years designing and constructing micro-hydro power stations in Nepal and has worked extensively in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Stewart has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Mathematics and a Masters in Electrical Engineering.

David Lambert
David Lambert is the export and trade sales manager for Rainbow Power Company Ltd, one of the largest and most experienced renewable energy companies in Australia which was established in 1987. The Rainbow Power Company exports up to 30% of its products and services to over two dozen countries. Its export projects have included village solar water pumping in the Solomon Islands, solar power for medical clinics and island villages in PNG, hydro generation for village and community electrification in Ecuador. It has run Renewable Energy training programs for students from Vanuatu, PNG, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

Dr Maria Retnanestri
Dr Maria Retnanestri completed her PhD degree at the School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney and is currently funded by the Australian Development Research Award to identify ways to overcome barriers to renewable energy for sustainable development in developing countries. Maria developed the I3A (Implementation, Accessibility, Availability and Acceptability) Sustainable RE Delivery framework to investigate overall sustainability of renewable energy projects involving small-scale solar photovoltaic and micro-hydro systems installed in remote villages in Indonesia.

Hanan Tadros
Hanan Tadros is an Australian anthropologist who has undertaken research in Pacific communities struggling with a range of social problems, from alcohol abuse and domestic violence to the spread of HIV. With a broad career background including experience in the fields of Information Technology and Marketing, Hanan brings to Papua Development Projects unique insights and “hands on” industry expertise, making a valued contribution to project design and facilitation.

Partners and supporters

Austrade, Sydney
Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society
Australian Business Volunteers
Barefoot Power Pty Ltd
Catholic Archdiocese of Merauke, Papua
Cenderawasih University, Jayapura
Datec, Port Moresby
Evangelical Church in the Land of Papua (GKI)
Fellowship of Baptist Churches of Papua
Indigenous Community Development Foundation in West Papua, (YAPMI), Manokwari
Lions Club Sydney Indonesia Compassion
NSW Department of Education and Training
Office of Justice and Peace, Merauke (SKP-HAM)
Office of the Governor of Papua, Jayapura
Omnistar Pty Ltd
Rainbow Power Company Pty Ltd
Rural Development Services Limited, Port Moresby
Satya Wacana Kristen University, Salatiga
Uniting Church of Australia International Mission, Sydney
University of Papua, Manokwari
World Vision Indonesia
Yali Foundation, Jayapura

Current project:

Papua Education Aid, Merauke, 2009 - 2010